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Cooler/Freezer Glass Door Manufacturer

All kinds of glass and glass doors can be provided according to the customer’s requirement.


Commercial Refrigeration Glass Door Design and Production

Besteer is a manufacturer which is dedicates to develop and produce glass,insulated glass and glass door for refrigerated display cases,and sales freezer parts like PVC extrusion profile,plastic injection product,shelf etc.

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Types of Glass Door

Horizontal Sliding & Lift Up Glass Door

Horizontal Sliding & Lift Up Glass Door

Upright Display Chiller / Freezer Glass Door

Cold Room Frame & Glass Door Systems

Vending Machine Glass Door

Freezer Parts

Clients Love


Communication is very smooth, because of the jet lag we often communicated in the Chinese midnight and they can feedback to me in time, It's very reassuring to cooperate with such supplier.

Poly Dem

Besteer is professional,they provided lots of professional advice start from our thoughts and help us developed several new products, thanks for your service for these years.

Robin Ton

High-quality product , competitive price, and the delivery time is also can be meet our requirement.

Magar Faw

    Sourcing Freezer Glass Door from Besteer

    We provide custom solutions to all customers and offer glass door samples for free.

    Our Latest News

    Why Do Refrigerators Use Glass Panels Now?

    Why is the partition in the refrigerator now soft glass? cost and availability. 1. As of May 13, 2022, soft glass is used for the partitions in refrigerators because the cost is relatively low. 2. The soft glass used for the partition has great practicability, it is easy to clean and install after being removed, […]

    The Production Method of the Glass Door of the Refrigerator

    Along with the wide popularization of the utilization rate of refrigerator, people are more and more dependent on the use of refrigerator in life. Most of the traditional glass doors of refrigerators use single-layer ordinary glass or tempered glass, and the glass and the door frame are fixed by screws. After a long time of […]

    China’s Refrigerator Glass Industry Status Analysis and Development Prospect Report

    The freezer plays an important role in refrigerating food, and the glass door body of the freezer is mainly a door body product with glass for all kinds of freezers. According to the “China Refrigerator Glass Industry Status Analysis and Development Prospect Report” released by CEI Zhisheng, the hollow glass door body is composed of […]

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