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Freezer/Freezer Refrigerator Glass Door Design And Production Expert

Besteer is a manufacturer and trading company dedicated to the development, production, and sales of various Cooler/Freezers/Refrigerators/Fridges/Vending machines Glass doors, Low-e Tempered Glass.

Besteer has 13 years of experience in making glass doors for refrigerators/freezers/refrigerators/refrigerators/vending machines.

Besteer provides OEM solutions for your freezer/freezer refrigerator glass doors and tailor-made solutions for renovation projects.

Rich R&D experience supports the development of well-known brand companies such as Haier, Aucma, Liebherr, and ARNEG.

High-quality raw materials

Wide range of products of a commercial refrigeration appliance

Coordinated logistics capacity

Efficient reaction and service from a professional team


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