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Products that can be provided

Plastic products: PVC extrusion profile, plastic injection product Glass products: glass,insulated glass, and glass door Other freezer components: Shelf, hinge, lock, etc.

R&D capacity

Our R&D staff with rich and extensive experience since they developed lots of projects for many well-known companies like Haier, AUCMA, LIEBHERR, ARNEG, etc.

Production capacity​​​​​​​

We have the most advanced glass processing facility,3 automatic making lines for insulated glass, and the capacity is up to 2500pcs per day.



13 Years Freezer Glass Door Manufacturer

Besteer is a manufacturer and trading company that is dedicated to developing and producing glass, insulated glass, and glass doors for refrigerated display cases, in order to meet customers’ further demand we also supply freezer components like PVC extrusion profiles, plastic injection products, shelf, etc.
Besteer's main product glass door keeps the cold and heat apart, not only improving the life condition but also protecting the environment, Besteer’s glass door energy saves up to 60%. The glass door is designed to maximize transparency and visibility with an elegant appearance, enhance merchandising and ensure food safety.
Besteer’s glass door is various for the middle and high-end market, we pioneered the use of vacuum glass for the door with 0 energy consumption, protect the environment and save cost if long time use.
Now, Besteer is become a priority supplier by providing quality service, quality products, and competitive prices, we exported to 35 countries and will keep improving in this industry, welcome to contact us from worldwide.

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