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Besteer has been producing high-quality glass cooler doors for various refrigerators and freezers. As your most trusted manufacturer and supplier of glass cooler doors in China. We provide wholesale glass cooler doors. These glass doors use brand new 4mm Low-E tempered glass, which has been treated to prevent the intrusion of outside temperature and transmit light without heat. It can effectively prevent the loss of air-conditioning, which is conducive to the long-term preservation of food.Our refrigerator glass doors come in a variety of materials, designs, sizes and shapes.This can ensure that we can provide you with suitable glass cooler doors.
If you are looking for the right glass cooler door? Please contact us immediately. It is best that we can tailor a suitable glass refrigerated cabinet door for you to make your product stand out in the market.

Provide More Choices for Your Glass Cooler Door

Customize Your Glass Cooler Doors

The glass cooler doors we produce are bright, smooth and textured. All glass cooler doors are made by high temperature strengthening and excellent strength technology, which are invariable, anti-aging and extremely stable. We provide various styles of glass cooler doors, such as: mini refrigerator glass door, bar refrigerator glass door and mini beverage cooler glass door. In addition, we also provide you with professional customized solutions for glass cooler doors. Our excellent design team can meet your business needs.

  Glass:heated glass, silk-screen tempered glass, tempered glass, 4mmLow-E tempered glass, etc.
  Frame: Painting PVC profile, aluminum profiles, stainless steel profile, etc.  
  Dimension: Customized
​​​​​​​  Hardware part: Stainless steel handle, aluminum handle, ABS plastic handle, etc.
​​​​​​​  Color: Customized
​​​​​​​  Plastic part: Bush+ door seal with magnet+ plastic handle, that is up to you
​​​​​​​  Characteristc:Anti-condensation, Heat insulation, crack resistant, elegant appearance,etc.
​​​​​​​  Application: Display showcase, wine chiller, bottle cooler, freezer, refrigerator, vending machine, supermarket commercial refrigeration, etc.
Why not take a look at our freezer parts as your deep freezer?
For more available accessories, please contact our consultants.

BESTEER-Your Reliable Glass Cooler Door Manufacturer in China

Besteer provides wholesale refrigerator glass doors to freezer manufacturers around the world. We have always strict requirements on the quality of refrigerator glass doors and service providers. With years of industry experience, Besteer has become your trusted manufacturer of glass cooler doors in China. Besteer has a large production workshop, professional process management, and a scientific and complete quality management system. This ensures that the quality of our products can be upgraded. At present, Besteer maintains long-term cooperative relations with people in many countries and regions around the world. Buying  glass Cooler doors in bulk at Besteer can provide you with the following benefits:

Fast delivery

The Besteer factory has a large storage center that can quickly and timely restock. Secondly, our efficient production efficiency can ensure timely and fast delivery without delaying your business development plan.

Competitive price

The price of our refrigerator glass door is very transparent. Our goal is to gain the long-term trust of our customers. Therefore, the price we quoted is within your budget and is very competitive in the market.

Quality assurance

Besteer has a professional quality inspection center and professional inspectors. After multiple processes of testing and experiments, the quality of our refrigerator glass doors is guaranteed.

Worry-free after-sales

As a professional manufacturer of glass cooler doors, Besteer has a professional after-sales team to provide customers with one-to-one service. You don't have to worry about any after-sales issues.
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Frequently Asked Question

  • Q Can you provide samples?


    Sure, we can produce samples according to customer’s requirement for testing.

  • Q Do you support customization?


    Yes, we can supply OEM/ODM service, and we can produce according to the drawing.

  • Q How about the package?


    EPE Foam + Seaworthy Wooden Case (Plywood Carton)

  • Q What’s your payment terms?


    40% deposit + 60% balance before delivery

    L/C at sight

  • Q What’s the delivery time?


    20-25 days.

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