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Besteer is one of your most reliable commercial refrigerator glass door manufacturers in China. Our commercial glass refrigerator doors are made of thick, high-quality tempered glass, and the thickness is upgraded, which can effectively reduce the impact of buffering and reduce the damage caused by external factors.
In addition, the small display refrigerator glass door increase their strength while also improving safety, and are not affected by explosions caused by external factors. Even if there is an instant temperature difference between the inside and outside of the refrigerator, the glass will be safe. Secondly, the glass doors of commercial refrigerators have good light transmittance, and the food and drinks in the refrigerator can be clearly seen.
We provide personalized customized services. If you are looking for the best vertical fridge glass door, please send us your inquiry request immediately.

Provide More Choices for Your Commercial Fridge Glass Door

Customize Your Commercial Fridge Glass Door

We provide you with a scientific and complete commercial refrigerator freezer combo glass door solution. Taking into account the production and business needs of different customers, we provide professional industrial fridge glass door customization services. According to your business needs and style requirements, we produce on-demand while ensuring product quality, so that your products can stand out in the market.

  Glass:heated glass, silk-screen tempered glass, tempered glass, 4mmLow-E tempered glass, etc.
  Frame: Painting PVC profile, aluminum profiles, stainless steel profile, etc.  
  Dimension: Customized
​​​​​​​  Hardware part: Stainless steel handle, aluminum handle, ABS plastic handle, etc.
​​​​​​​  Color: Customized
​​​​​​​  Plastic part: Bush+ door seal with magnet+ plastic handle, that is up to you
​​​​​​​  Characteristc:Anti-condensation, Heat insulation, crack resistant, elegant appearance,etc.
​​​​​​​  Application: Display showcase, wine chiller, bottle cooler, freezer, refrigerator, vending machine, supermarket commercial refrigeration, etc.
Why not take a look at our freezer parts as your deep freezer?
For more available accessories, please contact our consultants.

BESTEER-Your Professional Supplier of Commercial Fridge Glass Door in China

Our commercial mini fridge glass front are all subjected to rigorous production and processing, precision cutting technology, to ensure that the interface of the door frame is mixed and filled. We adhere to the spirit of scientific and technological progress and technological innovation, market-oriented, aiming at the current international standard, and in accordance with the requirements of the international quality management system to produce first-class commercial refrigerator glass doors. All of our commercial refrigerator glass doors have undergone a professional quality inspection process to do a good job of testing each piece of glass and finished products to ensure the quality of the products shipped. In addition to quality assurance, you wholesale commercial refrigerator sliding glass doors at besteer, and you have the following benefits:

Warehousing strength

Besteer has a large integrated storage center with strong storage capacity. We can provide you with continuous and stable sliding doors for commercial refrigerators. Secondly, professional personnel management ensures sufficient goods and delivery time.

Professional packaging

Our commercial refrigerator glass sliding doors are professionally packaged and protected in layers to ensure the safety of our commercial refrigerator glass doors during transportation.

Standardized production

Besteer has a large production space, an assembly line workshop, and a standardized production process. This not only guarantees the quality of the sliding glass doors of commercial refrigerators, but also reduces your worries about output.

Good after-sales service

High-quality glass doors and after-sales service will completely eliminate your worries about selection and use. Besteer will be committed to helping customers continue to develop new businesses.
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Frequently Asked Question

  • Q Can you provide samples?


    Sure, we can produce samples according to customer’s requirement for testing.

  • Q Do you support customization?


    Yes, we can supply OEM/ODM service, and we can produce according to the drawing.

  • Q How about the package?


    EPE Foam + Seaworthy Wooden Case (Plywood Carton)

  • Q What’s your payment terms?


    40% deposit + 60% balance before delivery

    L/C at sight

  • Q What’s the delivery time?


    20-25 days.

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