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Besteer, Your Glass Door Manufacturer for the Refrigeration Industry

Besteer is committed to the development, production and sales of various freezer/fridge/refrigerator/refrigerator/vending machine glass doors, Low-e tempered glass, insulating glass, related plastic products and freezer parts. It has 13 years of experience and adopted with commercial freezer glass processing equipment and techniques to maintain production efficiency and competitiveness, it also adds more value to the factory’s product output and quality assurance.
We provide high-quality, competitive freezer glass doors to help your commercial freezer glass doors improve the quality. Our fridge freezer glass door only uses the best tempered glass and the best manufacturing process, after careful research and manufacturing. Then, we conduct intensive quality assurance tests on commercial freezer glass doors to ensure that you get the best results on each freezer glass door you receive.

Chest Freezer Glass Lids

BESTEER glass sliding lids is 4mm low-e tempered glass with PVC/ABS frame, which can meet the temperature requirement from -30℃ to 10℃.

Upright Cooler/Freezer Glass Door

Both Aluminum Glass Refrigerated Doors and Plastic Glass doors include Low Temp and Medium Temp, both heated and energy free. We specialize in premium materials and design features to meet the demanding requirements of commercial applications such as Supermarkets, Restaurants and Convenient Stores.

Supermarket Merchandising Cooler/Freezer Glass Door

BESTEER specialized in the design, produce beauty appearance and energy-saving glass door systems for supermarkets.


From Cutting, drilling, polishing, tempering, curving and screen printing,we strictly control every process, to ensure product quality stability

Freezer Parts

We offer a variety of accessories to outfit your freezer.
We do not just create commercial freezer glass doors; we also have a series of suitable accessories to supplement our commercial freezer glass doors. They are made from quality and durable materials, and use advanced production equipment and technology to ensure that every accessory is suitable for commercial freezer glass doors.
When choosing a commercial freezer glass door, if there is no suitable size, Besteer will provide you with customized services, from size to material, and glass printing, there are a variety of options to choose from, so that you can get a flange that fits your equipment freezer glass door.

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