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Who We Are

With 13 years experience in this field, Besteer aims to provide and design high-quality glass door for the commercial refrigeration industry, with its production capacity to meet strict market needs. 

Besteer can provide customers with all kinds of Cooler/Freezer/Refrigerator/Fridge/Vending machine Glass Door, Low-e tempered Glass, Insulating Glass, relevant Plastic products and Freezer parts. 

Now it has become the leader in the manufacture of commercial refrigeration glass doors.

   Competitive price
   Rich R&D experience
   Excellent customer service
   Energy saving and high efficiency
   Green environmental protection materials
    Logistics capabilities of professional team collaboration
    Wide range of commercial refrigeration equipment products

Products that can be provided

Plastic products:
PVC extrusion profile, injection products
Glass products:
Glass sheet, insulating glass and glass door for commercial refrigeration appliance like chest freezer, display cooler, wine chiller, supermarket cold room,vending machine etc.

R&D capacity

Our R&D staff have rich experience as they supported well known brand company to develop like Haier,AUCMA,LIEBHERR,ARNEG etc.

And we exported to worldwide ,so we can provide customized service according to local temperature and humidity.

Production capacity​​​​​​​

We produce most important of raw materials because we manage our own glass and glass door factory, PVC extrusion equipment and insulating glass making machine, that’s why we can offer superior product with competitive price.


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